An Art to Turn Negative Life Aspects into Limitless Advantages!

By Pablo De Leon

An Art to Turn Negative Life Aspects into Limitless Advantages

Shoving aside, making light of or else evading negative emotion is easy in relentless quest of happiness. But the fact is that the unpleasant emotions aren’t unavoidable. They are bad for comfort and health. Improvements in well-being can be analyzed by being comfortable expressing and experiencing mixed feelings. Boosts in happiness cannot be linked with evading or ignoring negative emotions.

Study shows that growths in the psychological well-being is more in individuals experiencing a mixture of sadness and happiness as compared to those with happiness, sadness or some other combination of feelings. It seems that taking bad and good together improves the mental health of an individual. The advantages could be dropped or those emotions could be worse if negative feelings are carelessly allowed to develop a source of guilt or shame. Positive experiences can be powerfully promoted by responding well to negative feelings. Valuable implementation of a few common negative emotions is given below:

  1. Creativity can be powered by anger – Sometimes creativity can be choked by negative feelings, but it can be sparked by them according to science. A certain delayed and difficult project or problem can be best solved in the bad mood. A problem could be dig deeper by the negative emotions in order to find a solution which happy mood couldn’t solve.
  2. Viewpoint can be deeply changed by struggling with hardship – According to an old formula, there might be some truth that you can become stronger if it doesn’t kill you. Important developments and personal improvements can be opportunities lead by the greatest challenge of life.
  3. Sympathy can be developed by working with shame – Becoming more sympathetic towards ourselves and others and constructing greater links with others can overcome shame.
  4. Productivity can be achieved through negativity – Ultimate success can be approached by setting a right balance between pessimism and optimism and selecting preparation plans matching with thinking style.
  5. Improvement be fired by jealousy – A desired thing can be achieved in life by specifically identification of that thing and acceptance of difference in its look for an individual or someone else.
  6. Thankfulness can be led by loss – Sometimes a feeling of gratefulness can be achieved by losing something significant. Life-affirming and deep gratitude can be led by a strong catalyst of irresistible loss.
  7. Mindfulness can be encouraged by negative feelings and thoughts – A concentrated awareness on the current moment is promoted in mindfulness. Its practice can change the relationship with negative feelings, permitting to experience with no shame or judgment.

How is it possible to take the negative aspects and experiences in our lives and transform them into something great and beautiful like an artist? Find out the art and much more in latest book, “Limitless”. It’s a master piece by Pablo De Leon. He uses real arts to inspire others, by drawing from his experiences in acting, boxing, and baseball.


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